Hi, this is Ellody
tell me what you think we can
bring to the World !
Recently work with:

Walt Disney Imagineering – Model Shop, Dimensional Design, Digital Art Studio, Props, Special Effects
Gary Goddard Entertainment Design. Designed for clients include:  Cirque du Soleil, Chimelong Group

Latest Recognition:

<Europa 222> 2019 WonderCon Anaheim, 2018 Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival
Head Production Designer / Production Artist. Established Concept Art, Visual Identity
2019 Fine Art Winner, Creative Quarterly – Journal of Art and Design
2019 Official Selected Exhibition Artist, Venice International Art Fair, Venice, Italy
<Go Deeper> 2019 AVA Digital Awards , Experimental Animation Gold Winner
<Uncapturable> 2018 SCV Journal Technology Award, Overall Visual Design Lead, Live Performer

what I do:


emerging technology

theme entertainment

live performance

creative strategy

Ellody Wu

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